Eczema for babies & children

Relieves the symptoms & avoids new flare ups

Relieves the symptoms & avoids new flare ups

To treat the eczema symptoms, Dermalex Repair triggers the skin own repair mechanism from within and lays a skin identical barrier on the skin. This allows the skin to heal itself from within without having additional external triggers inflicting the healing process.

By having no cortisone, parabens or perfumes, Dermalex minimizes the chance of an allergic reaction to one or more substances. The natural active ingredients make the cream safe to use with no time or quantity limitations. Safe to use on babies from 8 weeks of age onwards

It’s clinically tested formula, allows you to use Dermalex Repair as an effective stand alone treatment or as part of a combination treatment with cortisone creams. It is suited to treat different cases of atopic eczema symptoms.

  • For mild and moderate  atopic eczema, Dermalex repair can be used as an effective stand-alone treatment.
  • In severe cases, Dermalex is recommended as part of the combination treatment with cortizone creams, to be used after the initial cortizone treatment to maintain the skin’s health and to prevent further flare ups.
’30 & 100g cream references’